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Sports Massage Benefits

Active people, and not only those participating in sports, tend to push it a little too hard at times and end up either dealing with a strain or sprain, or an injury that prevents them from performing at their level best.

Even if you play it safe, the body sometimes has a habit of not following through and shows signs of physical stress. A sports massage has been shown to help maintain a more robust and physically fit body, even preventing injuries and loss of mobility in future, and helping to heal as well as restore injured muscle tissue. Best of all, it can extend the overall life of whatever sport you’re pursuing, but even if you’re not, it can take your physical performance to a new level.

What are sports massage benefits?

Pain reduction

The increased flow of blood to the muscles being massaged means an optimal supply of oxygen and nutrients going to those muscles. This helps to reduce pain and inflammation, a common complaint among sportspeople or those pursuing a very high level of physical activity and fitness.

However, the sports massage benefits do not end there as it can also help to relieve and loosen up tense muscles that have been stiff due to chronic pain and fatigue.

Elimination of by-products

Competitive sportsmen and women or those pursuing a very active lifestyle see their muscles going through a lot of contractions, almost on a daily basis. Even though this is completely normal for someone pursuing a high level of fitness, muscles use the body’s glycogen stores to burn energy which leads to the build-up of carbonic acid by-products. It’s a normal metabolic process, after all, but this can leave your muscles sore and uncomfortable at times, even limiting the range of motion in some cases.

A sports massage reduces this irritation and soreness in muscles as a massage conducted by a certified therapist helps eliminate the waste by-products a lot faster.

Faster recovery

Ask anyone about sports massage benefits and one of the first things you’ll hear is how it speeds up recovery after gruelling physical bouts. Improved blood circulation allows the muscles to soak up more nutrition, helping to repair muscle tissues and tendons which have been subjected to intense physical stress. So whether you pursue athletics, weight training, running, martial arts, or any specific sport (professionally or recreationally), a sports massage can help you heal and recover from those intense sessions a lot faster.

Boost flexibility

It’s important for athletes and sportspeople to keep their bodies flexible, agile and nimble, especially as they start to age. However, this also applies to anyone who takes their competitive physical training or recreational sport seriously.

Given the sheer amount of stress your muscles experience, they tend to become rigid, especially if you’re overtraining. Regular sports massages relieve and relax tense muscles, targeting key areas which help you restore full range of motion and keep the muscles and tendons flexible. In a way, you’re also future-proofing yourself from injuries.

Your certified sports massage therapist is only a phone call away. Relieve that nagging soreness and stiffness, and continue to safely enjoy your favourite sport!