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Corporate Physiotherapy Services

Clearcut Physiotherapy – On-site Corporate Services for London’s Elite Companies

In the bustling landscape of London, where business never sleeps, the health of your workforce stands paramount. Clearcut Physiotherapy is not just another wellness service but a partner in your company’s pursuit of excellence. We ensure your team stays physically fit, ready to face the challenges of the corporate world.

The Clearcut Methodology:

  • London-centric Approach: London isn’t just a city; it’s a lifestyle. We’ve tailored our services, understanding the unique physical challenges posed by London’s corporate dynamics.
  • Immediate, On-site Care: Our in-house service ensures prompt attention, right within your premises, minimising disruptions, and maximising efficiency.
  • Specialised Programs: Beyond standard treatments, we offer preventative workshops, ergonomic consultations, and personalised sessions tailored to job-specific requirements.
  • Collaborative Approach: We don’t work in isolation. We liaise with your HR, Occupational Health, and Health & Safety teams, ensuring a cohesive strategy to employee wellness.

Clearcut’s Spectrum of Services:

  • Diagnostic Assessments: We start by understanding the root cause. Our diagnostic methods combine traditional assessments with modern tools, ensuring precise treatments.
  • Holistic Treatments: From deep tissue massages to acupuncture, we blend various physio techniques for comprehensive care.
  • Rehabilitation Programmes: Post injury or surgery, our rehab programs aim at swift recovery, ensuring employees return to their peak performance levels.
  • Ergonomic Consultation: We assess workplace setups and provide guidance on optimal ergonomic configurations, drastically reducing work-induced strains.
  • Workstation Assessments: Adhering to Health and Safety regulations, we ensure workstations promote good posture and minimise the risk of musculoskeletal problems.
  • Educational Workshops: From posture correction seminars to interactive sessions on managing back pain, we empower employees with knowledge.

Experience and Professionalism:
Our team isn’t just experienced; they’re the best in the business. Each Clearcut physiotherapist is Chartered, with a minimum of 5 years of experience, specifically in addressing corporate-related ailments.

The Clearcut Advantage:

  • Return on Investment: Our services, while being an investment in health, also result in significant financial gains for companies by slashing absenteeism and elevating productivity.
  • Customised Schedules: We work around your business hours, ensuring minimal disruptions. Early morning session or a post-lunch workshop? We’ve got you covered.
  • Easy Implementation: Introducing Clearcut into your corporate wellness program is a breeze. A small space, be it a conference room or a quiet corner, is all we need.

Join the Clearcut Movement:
Prioritise the physical well-being of your workforce. Partner with Clearcut Physiotherapy and witness a tangible difference in your employees’ health, morale, and productivity.