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Aviva Physio Insurance London

Aviva Physiotherapy Health Insurance in London at Clearcut Physiotherapy

Our Chartered Physiotherapists are registered with Aviva Physio Insurance in London to ensure you can get quick and efficient care for all your physiotherapy needs!

The core health insurance plan with Aviva covers private physiotherapy sessions at Clearcut Physiotherapy in London. But you can add more sessions for prolonged or intensive physio by upgrading your cover.

Here’s how you can get physiotherapy treatment at Clearcut Physiotherapy in London with Aviva Health Insurance.

1.   Get GP referral

You need a GP to refer you to a specialist, so they can give you a referral for physiotherapy treatment under Aviva health insurance. You can either use your NHS GP, Private GP, or Aviva’s Digital GP service.

Your specialist will decide if you need physiotherapy and refer you to seek physio care. Ask for an open referral so you can choose where you are treated. The other option is a named referral, where the specialist refers you to a particular therapist.

2.   Contact Aviva to approve your claim

You can either call or log into your MyAviva app to start a claim. Ask about the details of which tests and treatments they will approve. Tell them that you wish to be treated by the therapists at Clearcut physiotherapy clinics in London.

3.   Choose a physiotherapist from Clearcut Physiotherapy and book an appointment

Contact us by calling 02082593196 or emailing and we’ll help you decide which physiotherapist will be best suited to treat your specific condition. We have MSK, neurology, sports, massage and post-op rehab experts.

Have a look at the areas of expertise of our chartered and Aviva-registered physiotherapists so you can decide which one is most suitable.

  1. Hassan Mohamoud (MHCPC, MCSP)
  2. Bethany Thompson (MCSP)
  3. Khatira Niazi (MHCPC, MCSP, AACP, BSC)
  4. Jaysingh Shera (MHCPC, MCSP, BSC, MSC)
  5. Ayesha Gondal (MHCPC, MCSP, BSC, MSC)

When you’re ready, book an appointment with our office by calling 02082593196 or by walking into our clinics and talking to our receptionists. Share your membership number and Aviva physio claim details so we can let you know how many sessions will be covered by your insurance and how much you’ll need to pay.

4.   Paying invoices

Aviva settles bills with us directly but only for approved sessions and conditions. You will be informed via the MyAviva app if you need to pay anything because of excess or benefit limits, and that will be paid to Aviva directly.

5.   Ongoing treatment or more sessions

You must contact the help chat on MyAviva or call them to check if additional sessions can be covered by your plan.

Our physiotherapists can help you apply for more sessions if needed by sharing the codes for treatment or tests. We also create detailed medical reports that can be assessed by Aviva experts.

Common Treatments Covered by Aviva Physio London Health Insurance

Remember: Aviva physio insurance in London only covers acute conditions. So don’t delay your treatment because you may lose coverage later!

Acute low back pain

Rotator cuff tears

patellar dislocations rehab

Spinal cord injury rehab

Muscle strains and ligament sprains

Post-surgical rehab

post-cast / fracture rehab

Ataxia or balance rehab

Acute muscle or joint stiffness

Shoulder dislocation treatments

Acute stroke rehab

Muscle, bone or joint problems


meniscus tears

Parkinson’s rehab (Acute diagnosis)

Recreational sports injury rehab

Aviva physio insurance does not cover chronic conditions such as Parkinson’s and arthritis. It also doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions (have had for 5+ years) such as cerebral palsy.

Tips For A Smooth Experience at Clearcut Physiotherapy when Booking with Aviva London Physiotherapy Insurance

Your appointment booking process will go through much quicker if you come prepared with the information needed for correct billing. Here’s the information you’ll need to give us if you have Aviva insurance for physiotherapy in London:

  1. GP referral and specialist referral.
  2. Provide us with your Aviva membership number, claim number and details of your cover plan.
  3. Let us know which payment system works best for you so we know what to send you in case you need to pay excess. We accept various online payment options and take cash.
  4. Promptly pay the invoices.
  5. Remember that certain add-ons such as slings or aids may not be covered by your Aviva physio insurance in London. Always double-check with us. Our admin team is an expert on this and will properly guide you before billing.

Things to Keep Safe When Using Aviva Insurance for Physiotherapy in London

  1. Your membership number.
  2. Your claim number.
  3. Number of approved sessions and excess details.
  4. Invoices from Clearcut Physiotherapy and any details needed to get approval for further sessions.
  5. GP referral.

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