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Battersea Physiotherapy

Battersea Physio Clinic

Struggling with Pain or Sports Injuries?

Are you tired of persistent neck or back pain affecting your daily life? Our Battersea Physio Clinic is here for you. We specialize in spinal, shoulder, and neck physiotherapy, providing expert care for a variety of musculoskeletal issues.

Specialist Physiotherapy Services: 

Welcome to our Specialised Physiotherapy Services, where we focus on addressing discomfort and pain related to spinal, shoulder, and neck issues. Our team of highly trained physiotherapists is dedicated to helping you regain comfort and mobility so you can get back to your normal routine with ease.

How We Help with Battersea Physiotherapy:

Manual Therapy:

  • Our hands-on approach involves manual therapy techniques, where our skilled physiotherapists use their hands to manipulate and massage muscles and joints. This helps to alleviate pain, improve flexibility, and restore normal movement.

Stretching/Exercise Therapy:

Picture this as your body’s daily workout. Our physiotherapists guide you through tailored stretching and exercise routines to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and correct posture. It’s like a fitness plan, but specifically designed to address your unique needs.

Cupping Therapy:

  • Ever wondered about those circular marks on athletes? That’s cupping! By placing special cups on your skin and creating suction, we enhance blood flow, reduce muscle tension, and promote healing. It’s like a therapeutic massage from the inside out.


  • Acupuncture involves inserting thin needles into specific points on your body. Don’t worry; it’s virtually painless! This ancient technique helps stimulate your body’s natural healing processes, relieving pain and improving overall well-being.

Our Goals:

Return to Work:

  • We understand the importance of getting back to work. Our treatments aim to expedite your recovery, ensuring you’re back on your feet and ready for the daily grind.

Pain Reduction:

  • Our focus is on minimising your pain. Whether it’s a nagging ache or something more severe, we work to alleviate discomfort so you can enjoy a pain-free life.

Functional Movement:

  • We want to see you move freely and comfortably. Our treatments are geared towards restoring normal movement patterns, ensuring you can tackle everyday activities without hindrance.

Improved Posture:

  • Say goodbye to slouching! We help you achieve and maintain proper posture, reducing strain on your spine and muscles. It’s all about standing tall and feeling great.

Enhanced Quality of Life:

  • We’re not just about fixing specific issues; we’re dedicated to improving your overall quality of life. By addressing pain and discomfort, we aim to enhance your well-being so you can fully enjoy every day.

At our Battersea physiotherapy clinic, your comfort and health are our top priorities. Let us partner with you on your journey to a pain-free and mobile life.


Battersea Home Physiotherapy

Home physiotherapy is convenient and particularly helpful if you’re not mobile or are unable to travel. It’s the same as having physio in the clinic (we bring all our equipment with us), except you’ll be treated in the comfort of your own home. We also visit nursing, residential, and care homes, too.

We can help with:

  • Recovery after surgery, such as hip or knee replacement
  • Getting mobile after a hospital admission
  • Poor mobility, or difficulty with standing or transferring
  • A recent fall, and falls prevention
  • Restoring fitness after an illness
  • Regaining independence and walking outside
  • Stroke recovery
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Guillain Barre
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Guidance on mobility aids and equipment
Battersea Clinic

Why choose us for your home physiotherapy? 

We’re highly experienced physios who are passionate about helping people get back to being active and feeling confident on their feet. We offer excellent value, we’re affordable, and we really care about the people we treat.

  • Available seven days a week
  • Home visit for risk assessment
  • A tailored plan including targets to be met in the centre or in the comfort of your home
  • Massage specialist to aid muscle stimulation
  • Tailored exercises to improve strength
  • No time restrictions – your recovery is important to us, and we want to make sure you are satisfied with your recovery. If we need to extend your plan, we can.
Home Physio Locations We Cover:

Clinic Hours

Mon - Fri
9:00 - 20:00
9:00 - 20:00
10:00 - 18:00

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We’re available 7 days a week and have specific clinic hours with therapists on staff. Outside of normal clinic hours, you can receive an on-call therapist at your home if needed.

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We’re here to help.  We’re a team of highly skilled physiotherapists, and we can treat you in the clinic, but we also offer mobile and elderly physiotherapy.