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Environments for Intensive Stroke Rehabilitation

In a previous post, I discussed why starting intensive stroke rehabilitation as soon as possible is critical.

That is why at Clearcut, we offer a comprehensive physiotherapy service that allows patients to get started with intensive stroke rehabilitation at home immediately and then progress to our rehabilitation centre and, finally, The Great Outdoors, if that’s their goal.

Our At-Home Stroke Rehabilitation Service

For housebound patients, getting a physiotherapist to visit them regularly as soon as possible after the stroke can make a big difference to their quality of life.

We can also assess their environment and ensure that our approach and the focus of our rehabilitation increase their mobility and independence within their home.

Home Service Success Story

One patient who benefitted from our home physiotherapy service was Mr Thomas. He contacted me after his second stroke. He’d been told he didn’t have long to live and would be bedbound for the rest of his days. Mr Thomas had other ideas! He had a lot of life in him. He wanted to enjoy what was left of his life and avoid the complications of being bedbound – such as bed sores and urinary tract infections (UTI). To this end, he was determined to stay mobile with the help of a wheelchair.I visited Mr Thomas twice a day for a year. He never developed another bed sore or needed to be admitted for a UTI. He got rid of his back pain and learned to manage a wheelchair transfer, which gave him access to the community. His doctors also changed his prognosis from terminal.

Our Stroke Rehabilitation Centre In Eltham, SE London

Once a stroke patient is more mobile in a wheelchair, attending sessions at our rehabilitation centre is an excellent option as we have all the equipment necessary to advance mobility even further. Our centre is equipped with:

  • Hoists to transfer wheelchair patients
  • Parallel bars to practice walking and develop confidence in a safe environment
  • Treadmill
  • Bicycle
  • Cross trainer
  • Foot pedal
  • Floor mats
  • Plinths
  • Weights
  • Balance cones and cushions

Taking It Outside

For many, the final step in rehabilitation is developing the skills and confidence to walk outside, navigating the uneven surfaces in a more unpredictable environment. Our physios will work with you outside to enable you to take the final steps back to independence.

The Full Journey Success Story

Augustine was on holiday visiting his daughter in London and her newborn when he suffered a terrible stroke. Following the stroke, he was bedbound, requiring four visits from two carers daily.When I first saw him, he’d been in bed for six months in the front room. He wanted to walk again, be able to hold his new granddaughter and return to his home country without a wheelchair.Following intensive rehabilitation, first, at home, then at the rehabilitation centre and finally outside, he could climb the stairs to the bathroom and walk around the house with no walking aids, get in and out of a car, and walk 200m outdoors. He held his new granddaughter, and he made it back home again.

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