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A Knee Pain Recovery Story

Knee pain recovery

Experiencing pain in your knees when exercising, or even when just completing every-day activities? Don’t let pain stop you from living life to the fullest!

Here’s how one our very own patients at Clearcut Physiotherapy went from experiencing sharp knee pain for over a year to being pain free in just 6 weeks:

“For the last year I noticed an intense sharp pain in my left knee on movement. This began to limit the amount of physical activity I engaged in. I found it difficult to play with my grandchildren and had to start taking time off work because being a carer I have to be on my feet a lot. I then stopped partaking in my Tai Chi classes and life became dull and boring. What was worse is that the pain began to be a constant dull ache even when I was resting. I had decided enough was enough, so I booked myself in for an appointment at Clearcut Physiotherapy to finally solve my knee pain.

When I came in, I was given a thorough clinical examination to identify possible causes of the pain looking at my movement, strength, and soft tissue structures with specialist orthopaedic tests. The Physiotherapist took time to collect a detailed history of the pain and evaluated my body to form a suitable treatment programme for tailored for me. I decided to buy into a 6-session discounted treatment package to begin my journey to becoming pain free and returning to full function.

The sessions incorporated both soft tissue techniques to desensitise the painful structures alongside a varied rehabilitation programme in the clinics gym to progressively load the tissues, so they return to full strength. Not only has my pain gone and I am returning to work full time and even returning to sport, but I have come out stronger and exceeded my previous level of functioning from before. Clearcut really worked with me every step of the way to achieving my goals and exceeded my ideal outcome with outstanding results.

Stairs, walking longer distances and playing with my grandchildren are no longer issues and I have returned to Tai Chi with a better technique and tolerance than before! Don’t tolerate pain – I’d highly recommend booking in with Clearcut Physiotherapy to live pain free!”

So… don’t struggle with your knee pain! Book an appointment now and let us solve your knee pain for you!