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Parkinson’s Treatment By Eltham Physiotherapy Centre

Parkinson’s Disease stems from the loss of a crucial brain neuron known as ‘substantia nigra,’ impacting the production of the essential neurotransmitter ‘dopamine.’ With less dopamine, individuals with Parkinson’s experience challenges in pleasure, satisfaction, motivation, and smooth motor movements. The disease manifests through symptoms like tremors, rigidity, slower movements, joint pain, and mental health effects, including depression and anxiety.

Motor and Non-Motor Symptoms

People with Parkinson’s encounter both motor and non-motor symptoms. Motor symptoms affect movement and balance, including tremors, freezing gait, stiffness, and slow movement. Non-motor symptoms, less visible to others, encompass pain, sleep difficulties, and mental health issues.

Managing Parkinson’s: No Cure, but Hope through Intervention

While Parkinson’s is degenerative with no cure, professional intervention can alleviate symptoms and slow disease progression, enhancing the quality of life. Medical treatments involve pharmaceutical drugs, but resistance can occur. Complementary physical interventions, especially physiotherapy, prove beneficial.

Physiotherapy Interventions for Parkinson’s

Eltham and Kidbrooke physiotherapy , offers the following treatments and benefits to manage parkinson’s disease . 

  • Soft tissue treatments for muscle aches.
  • Manual therapies like joint mobilizations and stretching.
  • Electro Therapies to stimulate muscles.
  • Strengthening exercises tailored to individual strength.
  • Balance exercises to enhance stability.
  • Coordination exercises for effortless movement.
  • Gait re-education for abnormal walking patterns.
  • Functional activities for increased confidence in daily tasks.

Anticipated Benefits of Physiotherapy

Engaging in neuro physiotherapy at Clearcut Physiotherapy can result in:

  • Mental stimulation, lowering the risk of mental health issues.
  • Boosted confidence in daily activities.
  • Improved quality of life, enabling participation in loved hobbies.
  • Reduced fall risk.
  • Enhanced walking ability and mobility.
  • Increased independence at home and in the community.
  • Relief from muscle and joint pain.

Clearcut Physiotherapy: Locations and Services

Clearcut Physiotherapy proudly serves Eltham, and Kidbrooke. We offer both home visits and in-clinic sessions, tailoring our approach to your needs. Home visits focus on exercises for improved home independence, while our clinic provides specialised treatment rooms and a fully equipped rehabilitation gym for a comprehensive approach to Parkinson’s care.

In your journey with Parkinson’s, Clearcut Physiotherapy is here to support you. Contact us for personalised neuro physio in London, and let us guide you toward a better quality of life.

By Jay Shera