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Khatira Niazi (MHCPC, MCSP, AACP, BSC)

Meet Khatira, an exceptional physiotherapist committed to elevating your health and well-being through specialized care in stroke rehabilitation and musculoskeletal health. Graduating from St George’s University of London in 2021 as a licensed HCPC and CSP physiotherapist, Khatira has honed her skills through diverse experiences, becoming a go-to expert in her field.

Khatira’s commitment to excellence is evident in her pursuit of specialized training. She has completed the Specialist Functional Rehabilitation & Exercise Training after Stroke (FRETS) Qualification Course, earning her the distinction of being a specialist stroke physiotherapist. Additionally, Khatira is AACP trained in acupuncture, adding a holistic dimension to her practice.

Her expertise extends beyond stroke rehabilitation, encompassing musculoskeletal rehabilitation, where Khatira employs a robust hands-on approach. Trained in acupuncture by the AACP, she integrates this therapeutic modality into her treatments, providing a well-rounded and personalized healing experience.

Khatira is not only adept in manual therapy and mobilization but also excels in strength and conditioning. Her comprehensive approach ensures that your rehabilitation journey is tailored to your unique needs, combining traditional and modern techniques for optimal results.

With a genuine passion for breaking barriers in healthcare, Khatira actively promotes accessibility to private healthcare for diverse ethnic groups. Her multilingual background fosters an inclusive environment, making clients from all walks of life feel welcome and understood.

Trust in Khatira as your physiotherapist to guide you through stroke rehabilitation, musculoskeletal health, and overall wellness. Her commitment to providing evidence-based, personalized care, coupled with her proficiency in acupuncture, manual therapy, mobilization, and strength and conditioning, makes her the ideal partner on your journey to recovery.

Don’t wait to heal your injuries and rehabilitate from strokes—book in with Khatira at Clearcut Physiotherapy and experience the transformative care that only a dedicated and skilled professional can provide. Your well-being is her priority, and she is ready to empower you on your path to holistic wellness.