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Jaysingh Shera (MHCPC, MCSP, BSC, MSC)

Boasting a rich academic foundation and six years of hands-on experience in the realm of physical therapy, I am Jay Singh Shera, a dedicated Musculoskeletal, Sports Physiotherapist and Neurological specialist. My journey began in India, where I lent my expertise to rehabilitation clinics and sports teams, establishing a strong professional foundation.

My proficiency extends beyond musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. I am proud to announce my specialisation in neurological conditions, particularly stroke rehabilitation. With a keen focus on holistic care, I have successfully guided individuals through the complexities of neurological rehabilitation, helping them regain functionality and independence.

My academic journey includes a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy from the esteemed DY Patil School of Physiotherapy, Mumbai, in 2016. Eager to deepen my knowledge further, I pursued and recently completed my Master’s in Rehabilitation from the renowned Middlesex University, London, in 2023.

As a practitioner, my core strengths encompass a wide range of manual therapies, including advanced techniques like Myofascial Release, Dry Needling, Therapeutic Cupping, and specialized Taping methods (Kinesio and Rigid). Additionally, I am adept at executing specific mobilizations tailored to individual patient needs, ensuring a personalized approach to rehabilitation.

Home visit physiotherapy is another facet of my practice that sets me apart. I understand the importance of providing convenient and accessible care, and I am dedicated to delivering quality physiotherapy services in the comfort of your own home.

Another key area of my expertise lies in Return to Sport (RTS) training and rehabilitation. With a keen insight into the intricacies of athlete recovery, I am well-equipped to guide individuals back to their peak performance levels.

The union of my comprehensive academic background, diverse hands-on experience, and specialization in neurological conditions allows me to provide exceptional care, ensuring optimal outcomes for my patients at Clearcut Physiotherapy. Trust in my expertise as your physiotherapist, where I bring a wealth of knowledge to address your musculoskeletal concerns, sports injuries, and neurological rehabilitation needs.