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Hassan Mohamoud (MHCPC, MCSP)

Hassan graduated with a BSc Hons degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Brighton. His particular interest in physiotherapy began primarily in Orthopaedics and Stroke Rehabilitation. He initially developed his career working extensively in pre and post-operative care at a specialist Orthopaedic Hospital in London, as well as working in a specialist private stroke rehabilitation centre in Kent. During this time, he began to focus more on rehabilitation and return to sport whilst working with many athletes and stroke patients.

Over the last three years, Hassan has been focusing on Low Back and Stroke Rehabilitation. Specifically, the in-depth and essential process of ‘evidence-based’ assessment guided treatment. Currently, he is working closely with some of London’s best back and neuro specialists and studying under one of the world’s best Spinal Biomechanists and his UK team in a private clinic in London.

Hassan’s main interests are the education and management of all Stroke and low back disorders and injury prevention in the modern-day person. After spending some time learning in the world of neurorehabilitation and working closely with a wide range of stroke patients, Hassan has developed skills using Functional Electronic Stimulation and Functional Rehabilitation, which improves the recovery of a patient following a cerebrovascular incident (Stroke).

Hassan believes that there is a great deal of poor advice and mismanagement of all levels of lower back injuries within the common population, which stems from the internet. He also understands that there is a significant gap in the support of stroke survivors who require long term rehab to have the chance of a meaningful recovery.

This is why he developed and created Clearcut Physiotherapy. For people who need clear, concise and evidence-based treatments. Treatments supported by the latest research that provides the most benefit to their recovery and improve their quality of life.