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Frank Dumfeh

I am a level 5 Soft tissue therapist who graduated from the ISRM. I also have a BSc in Movement Science (Ghana University). I have been involved in providing treatment to athletes and the public for many years over different continents in the last 20 years, so I have plenty of life experience with expert skills.

Massage can be an important part of recovery from sports and strenuous activities, as well as helping to manage the stressors of everyday life, and as a coach I know communication is key to tailor treatment sessions for everyone to get the best outcome possible. I am passionate about enabling people to reach their goals (whatever they may be) and try to use a positive focus to find a way forward from injury or illness.

My firm belief in movement and its importance to our health and wellbeing has meant I’m about to embark on a master’s degree in applied Strength and Conditioning. Whilst working voluntarily at a local football club I have developed my skills and experience working with Athletes. When not working or studying, you’ll find me playing football and hiking through the hills with my dog, adventuring outdoors in general or hitting the slopes for some skiing.