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Clearcut Physiotherapy Introduces ARNI Specialist for Stroke Rehab

We are thrilled to announce a significant advancement at Clearcut Physiotherapy. One of our senior physiotherapists, Khatira Niazi (MHCPC, MCSP, AACP, BSC), is now fully an ARNI (Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury) certified specialist.

This new certification is more than just a professional milestone. It’s a transformative addition to our comprehensive, patient-centred stroke rehab. You can now get ARNI-based Stroke rehab at our Nurbury clinic and your home.

ARNI training is unique because it equips specialists with cutting-edge, evidence-based techniques for stroke rehab. It enables us and you to focus on the recovery of practical, real-life skills, tailored specifically to your needs.

This holistic approach creates a well-rounded recovery plan. How? By addressing your physical post-stroke challenges while supporting cognitive and emotional health.

Our ARNI specialist believes in being hands-on when it comes to empowering patients. Her approach involves you directly in your recovery planning and decision-making. Together, we enhance your recovery outcomes and re-establish a sense of autonomy.

ARNI’s innovative rehabilitation strategies incorporate task-specific and high-intensity interval training. Our post-stroke programs are specifically designed for quick and long-term neurological recovery.

ARNI is transforming the way rehab is perceived and delivered by helping stroke survivors achieve milestones once thought impossible.

Why is ARNI Certification a Game-Changer for You?

Having this speciality available locally at our clinics in South London means that top-tier rehabilitation services are now more accessible than ever. That means you can focus fully on your recovery without worrying about juggling schedules and travel.

ARNI is a game-changer for stroke survivors in our community. Join us at Clearcut Physiotherapy, where health is our highest priority.

If you or a loved one is navigating life after a stroke, here’s how our ARNI-certified specialist Khatira Niazi can help:

1.   Functional Task Training

After her ARNI certification, Khatira specialises in innovative ways of doing Functional Task Training, pivotal for your swift return to work and routine life.

Using ARIN, we focus on real-world applications to aid your return to independence sooner. By practising day-to-day activities, you enhance your physical capabilities and mental health simultaneously.

We’re very happy to report that one of the many desirable outcomes of this approach is a reduction in post-stroke care costs. Less dependence on carers or assistance with daily living translates into savings for you and your family.

2.   Coping Strategies

Mastering coping strategies with our ARNI specialist in London means learning to adapt to your new physical limitations with grace.

Whether it’s navigating stairs with a foot drop, adapting new ways to dress independently or combing your hair when your arms lack strength, these strategies ensure your dignity and autonomy.

We help you embrace change by supporting your physical recovery and fortifying your mental resilience. This benefits both you and those around you in profound ways.

3.   Resistance Training Specific to Stroke Survivors

Resistance training can prevent secondary health complications such as osteoporosis, which often arise from a sedentary lifestyle post-stroke. It has also been shown to have positive mental health implications. Although potentially, its greatest advantage is reducing risk factors associated with stroke recurrence, such as cardiovascular issues and high blood pressure.

Resistance training has always been a big part of stroke rehab. But the type of weight training used by most today isn’t the best. ARNI has cracked the code on the type of resistance training that produces the best results for stroke rehab.

Our comprehensive ARNI-based approach includes exercises that are designed specifically for your strength levels, routine, goals, and rehab timeline. That means you don’t just recover, but get more robust than before.

4.   Designing Recovery Programmes Focused on Self-Reliance

Khatira’s recovery programs are meticulously designed to align closely with your personal recovery goals. Her emphasis is on practicality and immediate applicability.

Every session contributes to achieving specific milestones such as improving your ability to perform specific, complex movements or enhancing your overall mobility.

By focusing on self-reliance and tailoring interventions, our programs align precisely with your personal needs and aspirations.

With Khatira’s expertise, we’re not just following standard protocols—we’re setting new standards in stroke rehabilitation.

Book Your Appointment With our ARNI Certified Physiotherapist

Looking to get back to your daily routine or strengthen your body to prevent future problems? Khatira’s expertise is your key to a faster and more comprehensive recovery.

She’s now available to help you at our clinic in Norbury. The right care may be just around the corner.