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Physiotherapy in Your Home

We offer our patients a bespoke service tailored to their lifestyles. A bespoke service means if our patients need physiotherapy sessions at home, we do our utmost to provide that service, even if it’s slightly outside the catchment area. We need to make our patients as comfortable as possible while in recovery. Doing so not only helps our specialist team analyse your living environment, but it also means they can tailor your exercise plan so you can safely continue to exercise at home in between sessions, which speeds up recovery time. We aim to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

As well as home visits, we also provide physiotherapy services to the community, including schools, workplaces and sporting clubs, treating musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, neurological conditions and paediatric conditions.

Physiotherapy Sessions At Home

Our team of experienced physiotherapists are committed to providing a high standard of care in an environment that is safe, friendly and comfortable, including your own home.

Your physiotherapist has access to all the necessary equipment required to provide you with the best treatment tailored to your home environment and will bring this with them to assess and treat you.

To book your Physiotherapy sessions as home sessions, simply give us a call or email your requests, and one of our team will be able to take your details and get your assessment session booked. Once we have done an assessment, an experienced physiotherapist will put a tailored treatment plan together. When our specialists create your health plan, we work around your diary and your specific needs including –

  • Hospital appointments
  • Work schedules
  • Return to work/Specific goals
  • Lifestyle such as family commitments

Do I Qualify For Physiotherapy Sessions At Home?

Every patient that comes to us requesting home treatment is assessed at home first before being offered at-home treatment. We rarely turn anyone away for home sessions as we need to know our patients are getting the best service and are comfortable at all times. During the assessment, your physiotherapist will perform a clinical evaluation; this means they will assess your condition by examining your body and asking questions about how it feels and functions, as well as discussing any concerns or problems with your healthcare team.

Physiotherapy sessions at home are often provided to:

  • Individuals with neurological conditions
  • Individuals who may have mobility problems
  • Children who comply better with treatment at home
  • Individuals with orthopaedic injuries that are unable to drive
  • Individuals that simply prefer the convenience of treatment at home
  • Patients in a care home, personalised therapies, exercise groups, and education

Physiotherapy Sessions At Care Homes

As well as one-to-one treatments, we also extend our service group exercise classes, often within assisted living villages and care homes within the area. These classes help improve the strength and balance of the care home patients. In turn, this reduces incidents such as falls. In addition, it can improve staff experience as patients gain strength and become more manageable daily.

During our exercise classes, we advise care staff on appropriate transfer and mobility techniques and perform gentle stretches and exercises for patients between classes.

Stroke And Neurological Rehabilitation At Home

Often stroke patients who are discharged from the hospital have to wait some time to be allocated a community physiotherapist, and as we know, with any stage of stroke, time matters.

To read more about our stroke and neurological rehabilitation services, visit our Stroke And Neurological Physiotherapy Assessment And Treatment page.