Cervicogenic headaches


What are Cervicogenic headaches? Cervicogenic headaches (CGH) are headaches created by pain referring from the neck area up to the head. The pain from a CGH can also be experienced in the side of the face.  These pains or headaches as such can be the result of an injury such as whiplash or sprained/strained neck [...]

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Physio for MS


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that affects our central nervous system, brain and spinal cord.   It can affect people differently and displays a wide range of symptoms such as - Fatigue Pain Problems concentratingVision problems Difficulty controlling your bladder Dizziness or loss of balance Slurred speech  Due to the nature of the disease, the list of symptoms is long, [...]

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Physiotherapy for Stroke Patients


Strokes are life-threatening medical conditions. With all the scientific research and studies on this neurological and cardiovascular disease, we know that the sooner the treatment, the better the outcome. Although strokes can leave you with long-lasting physical and mental problems, rehabilitation can help those recover to continue living a fully active life.  Before we start [...]

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ACL Injury and Rehab


ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament and is one of four ligaments found within the knee joint. An ACL injury is one of the most common injuries sustained through sports such as tennis, skiing and football. This is due to the sudden movement change, change in movements causing the knee joint to “jolt” about.  The [...]

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Knee Injuries


Knee injuries and knee pain are widespread; in fact, over 1 million people each year suffer a knee injury, resulting in them having to take time off work.

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