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Stroke Recovery Centres in London for Physical Therapy  Rehab

Stroke is a significant neurological event, affecting approximately 150,000 people in the UK each year. Clearcut Physiotherapy, with its dedicated team of neuro physiotherapists, stands as a beacon of hope for those on the journey of stroke recovery. Offering specialised stroke rehabilitation programs, Clearcut Physiotherapy has strategically placed recovery centres across London to ensure accessible and effective care for stroke survivors.

Tailored Stroke Rehabilitation Programs:

Our dedicated stroke physiotherapists conduct comprehensive assessments to design customised rehabilitation programs. Emphasising muscle strength, mobility restoration, and spasticity management, our programs are designed to promote independence and improve the overall quality of life for stroke survivors.

Stroke Rehab Centres In London 

Clearcut Physiotherapy, renowned for its excellence in neurological rehabilitation, proudly operates recovery centres strategically located across London. These centres, including Clearcut Physiotherapy Eltham, Crystal Palace, Norbury, and Battersea are dedicated to providing specialised stroke recovery services. Let’s explore these centres and their commitment to supporting individuals on their journey to regain independence after a stroke.

Clearcut Physiotherapy Eltham:

  • Address: 12-14 Newmarket Grn
  • Opening Hours: Opens at 9 am- 9pm Monday to Sunday
  • Contact: 020 8259 3196

Clearcut Physiotherapy Crystal Palace:

  • Address: Crystal Palace & Norwood
  • Opening Hours: Opens at 9 am- 9pm Monday to Sunday
  • Contact: 020 8259 3196

Clearcut Physio Norbury:

  • Address: Fairview road Norbury SW16 5PY
  • Opening Hours: Opens at 9 am- 9pm Monday to Sunday
  • Contact: 020 8259 3196

Clearcut Physio Battersea:

  • Address: 521-525 Battersea Park Rd
  • Opening Hours: Opens at 9 am- 9pm Monday to Sunday
  • Contact: 020 8259 3196

Stroke Recovery in London:

Clearcut Physiotherapy’s recovery centres are equipped to provide comprehensive stroke rehabilitation. The focus is on helping patients regain muscle strength, restoring movement to affected limbs, and addressing spasticity through gentle muscle stretching. The journey towards independence includes relearning to walk, balance training, and targeted exercises to ensure a safe and confident stride.

Specialist Stroke Physiotherapists in London:

At Clearcut Physiotherapy, our neuro physiotherapists bring years of experience in assisting stroke survivors. A tailored stroke assessment is conducted to design a personalised rehabilitation program. The expertise extends beyond the patient to provide guidance to families and caregivers on managing mobility restrictions and offering day-to-day support.

Convenient Options for Stroke Home Physiotherapy:

Recognizing the importance of comfort in the recovery process, Clearcut Physiotherapy offers home-based stroke physiotherapy services across London. For those who prefer clinic-based rehabilitation, Clearcut Physiotherapy operates in convenient locations such as Monument, Belgravia, and Clapham, ensuring easy accessibility for all.

Health Insurance Coverage:

Clearcut Physiotherapy understands the financial aspects of rehabilitation and accepts health insurance plans, including Axa, Bupa, Cigna, and WPA. This commitment to accessibility ensures that stroke survivors can receive the care they need without added financial stress.


Clearcut Physiotherapy stands at the forefront of stroke rehabilitation in London, offering a network of recovery centres designed to provide timely and effective care. With a focus on personalised treatments, experienced specialists, and convenient options, Clearcut Physiotherapy is dedicated to maximising autonomy and enhancing the quality of life for those on the path to stroke recovery. If you or a loved one has experienced a stroke, contact Clearcut Physiotherapy for expert care and support.

For appointments with our stroke specialist physiotherapists in London, call: 02082593196 – 07432384704.