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Guide to Steroid Injections


Clearcut Physiotherapy's Guide to Steroid Injections Clearcut Physiotherapy offers steroid injections as a part of our comprehensive care options. This patient information guide is designed to provide a clear understanding of steroid injections, their potential benefits, and potential side effects. We draw from trusted sources like Versus Arthritis for the most accurate information. Understanding Steroid [...]

Guide to Steroid Injections2023-09-22T18:45:31+01:00



BACK PAIN RELIEF WITH PHYSIOTHERAPY IN CROYDONClearcut Physiotherapy: Your Key to a Pain-Free Backby Hassan Mohamoud Specialist PhysiotherapistSeptember 15, 2023 For countless individuals, back pain – particularly in the lower region – emerges as an unwelcome daily challenge. This discomfort varies, potentially being a slight nag to an overpowering agony. Fortunately, those scouring the web [...]

BACK PAIN RELIEF2023-09-22T18:41:54+01:00



YOUR SOLUTION FOR SHOULDER PAIN & SPORTS MASSAGE Experiencing consistent shoulder discomfort? Such nagging pain can restrict your daily activities, impacting the quality of your life. Especially for sports enthusiasts, such ailments can seriously impede performance levels. In this article, we'll provide insights into the benefits of sports massage at Clearcut Physiotherapy Norbury, particularly its [...]

SPORTS MASSAGE NORBURY2023-09-22T18:35:20+01:00

Home-Based Stroke Physiotherapy


A Comprehensive Guide by Clearcut Physiotherapy Physical therapy for stroke patients is a journey, and Clearcut Physiotherapy is here to guide you. Let's explore why in-home therapy, specifically tailored by our brand, is a crucial step for your recovery. And if you're in London, we're proud to suggest our home visits. The Significance of Post-Stroke [...]

Home-Based Stroke Physiotherapy2023-09-22T18:34:49+01:00

Knee Replacement Recovery


Knee replacement recovery Are you about to undergo a knee replacement? Want to know what’s best for knee replacement recovery? What are the best exercises for recovery after knee replacement? Knee replacement surgery is a common procedure in the UK, with over 100,000 people undergoing the surgery each year. What is [...]

Knee Replacement Recovery2023-02-23T18:10:33+00:00

Runner’s Knee


What is runner's knee? Runner's knee is a commonly used term to describe pain in the area of the kneecap. It’s common amongst runners, particularly if you’re relatively new to running, but it’s also common in skiers, cyclists and football players. It’s more common in women than men (and we’ll be [...]

Runner’s Knee2023-02-20T09:25:04+00:00

Rotator Cuff Pain


Rotator Cuff Pain The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis) and their tendons that attach the upper arm bone (humerus) to the shoulder blade (scapula). These muscles and tendons help to hold the humeral head against the shoulder socket (glenoid) and allow for a wide range [...]

Rotator Cuff Pain2023-02-02T15:22:59+00:00

A knee pain recovery story


Knee pain recovery Experiencing pain in your knees when exercising, or even when just completing every-day activities? Don’t let pain stop you from living life to the fullest! Here's how one our very own patients at Clearcut Physiotherapy went from experiencing sharp knee pain for over a year to being pain free in just [...]

A knee pain recovery story2023-02-02T12:05:08+00:00



Sciatica is a term that describes pain relating to the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back (lumbar) to your feet. The pain is felt in the lower body, generally within the lower back and hips, but often can travel as far down as the knees. The pain can increase when weight is [...]

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