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Treat and Heal Ankle Sprains 

Understanding Ankle Sprains: What’s Going on Inside Your Ankles

Dive into the world of ankle sprains, a common issue affecting a million people every year. Let’s take a closer look at how your ankles work. Picture a joint called the talocrural joint formed by three bones – the tibia, fibula, and talus. Think of it like a complex puzzle. Now, there are these stretchy things called ligaments holding these bones together, kind of like ropes providing support.

How Ankle Sprains Happen: The Ins and Outs

Now, let’s talk about how ankle sprains happen. It’s when your foot makes sudden moves, like twisting or turning. This can happen when your foot goes in or out more than it should. Imagine your ankle joint as a superhero that can move in different ways – lifting your toes, pointing them, turning in, or turning out. However, around 75% of the time, ankle sprains occur when the foot turns inward, a move called inversion. It’s like the unsung hero of ankle movements that sometimes causes trouble.

The MVP Ligament: ATFL – The Ankle Stabilizer

Meet the real star of the show – the Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament (ATFL). It’s the most commonly injured ligament in ankle sprains. This ligament has a crucial job in keeping your ankle joint stable. Let’s explore where it is, what it’s made of, and why it matters so much. It’s like the body’s own support beam for your ankle.

Clearcut Physiotherapy’s Game Plan: More Than Just Strength

Now, let’s talk about how to fix it. Clearcut Physiotherapy has a cool plan that goes beyond just making your muscles strong. They focus on making sure your ankle is stable, balanced, and working well. It’s like giving your ankle the superhero training it needs to get back in action.

Advanced Treatment Techniques: Ultrasound Therapy, Manual Therapy, and Cupping

But that’s not all. Our Streatham physio goes the extra mile with advanced treatments like ultrasound therapy, where sound waves stimulate healing, and manual therapy, hands-on techniques to improve joint and tissue mobility. Cupping, another unique approach, involves suction cups to enhance blood flow and promote healing. These therapies are like the superhero sidekicks, adding extra powers to speed up the healing process.

Getting to the Root: Why Do Ankle Sprains Keep Coming Back?

Ever wonder why ankle sprains can be repeat offenders? Turns out, just doing online exercises might not be enough. Clearcut Physiotherapy gets to the bottom of it with a detailed program that stops ankle sprains from making a comeback.

State-of-the-Art Gym In Norbury : Where Ankle Healing Happens

Check out Clearcut Physiotherapy’s awesome gym designed especially for ankle issues. They’ve got some cool exercises that specifically target ankle problems, like a superhero training ground for your ankles. If you’re tired of those pesky ankle sprains, this could be the place to superhero-train your ankles back to health.

Are recurring ankle sprains disrupting your life? Visit Clearcut Physiotherapy Norbury & Streatham for a personalised programme. Our expert care aims to heal ligaments effectively and prevent future injuries. Book in now.